Magnetic Square Tiles

Available in six colours, Rexel Magnetic Square Tiles are dry-erase boards sized 360x360mm that fit flush for perfect modular display. They can be easily mixed and matched with other boards in the range and include mounting magnets, foam adhesive tape, a GlowWrite dry-erase marker and two magnets.

Colour Height (mm) Width (mm) Code Price Quantity  
Green 360 360 1903773 £12.86
Blue 360 360 1903873 £12.14 Awaiting stock
White 360 360 1903768 Awaiting stock
Black 360 360 1903774 £12.86
White 360 360 1903802 £12.86
Pink 360 360 1903803 £12.86
Purple 360 360 1903897 £14.18

Plans Constantly Changing?

No worries, all our planners are film laminated and supplied with a wet wipe marker pen that won't rub off accidentally, but is easily erased when just a little moisture is applied, so it doesn't matter how often your plans change!