Liquid Ink Drywipe Markers

Versatile Liquid Ink™ dry-wipe marker pens deliver clear, brightly coloured, easy flowing writing on flipcharts, OHPs and whiteboards. A handy reservoir window shows ink levels so you never run out at a crucial moment and there’s a choice of colours to meet all your presentation needs.

Colour Pack Size Code Price Quantity  
Assorted 6 1901419 £19.26
Assorted 12 1901072 £27.70
Black 12 1901073 £27.70
Red 12 1901074 £27.70 Awaiting stock
Blue 12 1901075 £27.70 Awaiting stock
Green 12 1901076 £27.70
Assorted 6 1901077 £14.41
Black 2 1902407 £2.99 Awaiting stock
Assorted 4 1902408 £5.66

Plans Constantly Changing?

No worries, all our planners are film laminated and supplied with a wet wipe marker pen that won't rub off accidentally, but is easily erased when just a little moisture is applied, so it doesn't matter how often your plans change!

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