Knowing how hard you work and how precious your time is, we have put together a few hints, tips and suggestions that may help you improve your organisation and get the most out of your Sasco Planner.

The first question to ask is, are you using the right planner for your particular need? There are 15 different Sasco planning grids to choose from - each one designed to fulfil a specific plan or task.

If you are planning for a team of people, refer to the Staff Planners section, or if you work in education there's a planner based on the academic year. For those in finance, the fiscal planner is designed around the tax year. We offer a long range planner for those needing to see 2 years' information at a glance, planners showing European Union bank holidays and UK bank holiday information and many more designs based around your needs.

Wall Mounting Options

Looking for a smart and professional setting for your Sasco Planner?

Sasco clip frames are the ideal solution, perfectly and professionally framing any 915mm x 610mm laminated paper planner in the range (original planners, vertical planners, portrait planners, academic planners, EU planners, and staff planners). Compact clip frames have been designed to accommodate the smaller compact and compact portrait planners which measure 610mm x 405mm.

Elegant curved aluminium planner tracks are available for any card-mounted planner. Mercury silver profiles sit top and bottom of the planner holding it securely on the wall.

Limited Wall Space?
As workspaces are becoming more and more open plan, many of us are struggling to find space for planning aids or calendars. The following Sasco Planners have been developed with this very problem in mind.

  • Compact planner - The original and favourite Sasco planner only smaller. 610mm x 405mm
  • Portrait planner - Fits neatly on to the back of a door
  • Compact portrait planner - Fits comfortably on the side of filing cabinets
  • Magnetic compact planner - Effortlessly clings to metal desk partitions and other metal surfaces
Struggle to Fit Everything on Your Planner?
The oversized planner has been designed just for you. We have taken the favourite original year planner and increased each day box by up to 4mm, allowing you more room to record notes.

Alternatively, why not split out your projects on to separate planners, choosing a staff planner to record holidays and your team's movements and either the original or vertical planner for projects, tasks or events?

Project Planners
Any of the people planner designs can be easily utilised as project planners. Simply replace names with tasks, and utilise the matrix for Gantt style planning. The day planner offers seven days a week information, the staff planner shows just the working week (five days) whilst the holiday and annual holiday planner are split by weeks.

Plans Constantly Changing?
No worries, all Sasco planners are film laminated and supplied with a wet wipe marker pen that won't rub off accidentally, but is easily erased when just a little moisture is applied, so it doesn't matter how often your plans change!